Relocation for Education Jobs (Husband/Wife 3 Kids) in Montana Any advice (Billings: for sale, rent)

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Relocation for Education Jobs (Husband/Wife 3 Kids) in Montana Any advice (Billings: for sale, rent)

Post by banjomike » Thu Jan 28, 2021 2:22 pm

i All, I posted in the Wyoming forum as well. Always been a reader but never a poster on these forums. Have used it many times as we have traveled all over the US and I used to travel for a job I had and used the information on here to help me out alot. So thank you! Anyhow couple of questions on relocation but . Any feedback would be great! I know some of this has been answered before but I was hoping to find some educators to help me out specifically. I have been to Montana many times. Places I am most familiar with: Helena, Billings, Missoula, Butte, and the small towns in between Yellowstone and Glacier. Also familiar with the prarie areas aover by the Badlands in ND/Montana border. We are ok with rural which I know Montana rural is way different than Indiana rural and you guys even help pay for housing in rural areas. I just would feel better with young kids having a doctor's office at least within 20 to 30 miles from my house and commute to a rural district even. About us I have taught for 10 years (Spent 3 in the private sector), My wife for 13 years. I have been a varasity football assistant coach for 11 of those years and a track coach for 13. Athletics and extra curriculars are important to me as they helped me get to where I am today and I have seen the positive impact of them across the board from band to football. Our community is very supportive of their school system. I live in a town in rural Indiana of 1,000 people. 15 minutes from the biggest down in the county at 10,000 people. and 40 minutes from the largest city Ft. Wayne 250k people. Indy is 2.5 Hours away. We dont travel to the cities often at all. Just The local town of 10k for Walmart and Kroger ect. Plus that is where our high school is. Big football town too. We would like to buy land and build All in 450k budget maybe 500k. I had 10 Acres. Like to have animals like we have had. Sheep, horses ect for 4H. I know this is dependent on the type of land I can purchase for live stock. .I have been through winters in Utah (My company I worked for was based out of there). Winters here in Northern Indiana while different than Montana can be long and GRAY. Winters have been mild lately but have been through plenty so cold does not bother us. Heck I drove through Ice and sleet on my way in today) What is important to us in a community: We are very active in our community and community support is huge especially for extra curriculars. Athletics/4H/FFA/Arts/basically anything to keep our kids involved in the community and belong. YMCA Youth Groups Outdoor Rec. BAsically we want to be involved and accepted in our community whilce being able to build relationships with people and for our children to make freinds and grow. Questions 1. I noticed some of the small schools do a 4 day schedule? Is that for PD reasons or just travel reasons? 2. I have a daughter really into swimming. Some of the districts do have a swim team and I know some of the rural ones dont. Do they allow someone from outside the district to join a team? 3. How open are the communties to out of staters? I ask this because I have heard people in my community can kind of leave others out at times. Have heard that from some and not others. I just think it is what you make of a small town. 4. My district has been a 1:1 tech school for a decade. Any schools 1:1? 5. What do you think of my housing budget doable? I am very familiar with the outdoor recreation which is why we visit and why we would relocate. Any other advice please let me know! From this Hoosier thank you ahead of time and I look forward to chatting! Teaching Licesencsue in the following: Elementary Education K-6 Special Education K-12 CTE: Business Vocational Tech 5-12 Social Studies (History) 5-12 Wife's Licenses: Elementary Education K-6 Special Education K-6 Thanks

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Post by LarryPew » Tue Jul 27, 2021 12:21 am

Im sorry I just realized this after I made the post that these topics are for the Traditional bowhunters of Montana. There will be plenty of traditional vendors, raffle prizes, and atleast one of the speakers but I should have posted this on pow wow. Maybe one of the moderators can relocate it for me.
Sorry Again, Phil

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Re: Relocation for Education Jobs (Husband/Wife 3 Kids) in Montana Any advice (Billings: for sale, rent)

Post by adrianabell » Fri Aug 20, 2021 6:19 am

There is no need to be afraid of change. I also faced a relocation for several years. For some time I was out of work. Now I work from home. Here you can get acquainted with what I do, which is very relevant and profitable. I advise you to constantly have additional income and not be afraid of change.

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